Are Indian Motorcycles Set to Replace Harley Bikes?

indian motorcycles

According to rumors, Harley-Davidson was not the first American motorcycle company to create big bikes. At the time just a few years before the 20th century started in Springfield, Massachusetts – which was then the nation’s industrial heartland – Hendee Manufacturing Co. started production of Indian motorcycles there long before anyone even heard of Harley-Davidson. […]

Two Newly Launched Indian Motorcycles from Polaris Industries Sport Victory Styling

indian motorcycles

A positive news came about Polaris Industries recently and instead of announcing the usual vehicle recalls, they showcased two new Indian motorcycles! What’s surprising about these new models is that they feature some of the styling from the company’s retired brand – Victory. Apparently the familiar aspects of their Victory motorcycles is still very much […]

Enter the Mega Draw

UPDATE! Due to an overwhelming number of requests we have now moved the deadline for the Mega Draw to Sunday 5th Of February! We have also doubled the prize pool! 1st place : $1000 2nd place : $600 3rd place : $400 4-6 places : Biker Bundles 7-10 places : Mystery Vouchers! All you need […]

Gatlinburg Bike Rides — Part Three


Gatlinburg Bike Rides It would be impossible to lay out and describe all the Gatlinburg bike rides.  To keep this post from going insanely long I’ll just name a few of my favorites. You should consider that I’ve set this trip up based on making Gatlinburg your home base. If you like to move from […]

Gatlinburg Motorcycle Trip


Gatlinburg Biking Vacation Part One As I write this the 4th of July weekend is but a day away. I grew up near the beaches of Northwest Florida. The Redneck Riviera. And the 4th is my favorite holiday of the year. You might think that my home town would be where I spent the 4th. […]

Motorcycle Safety : Clothing

motorcycle safety

A Quick Ride – What WILL Go Wrong Quite a few years back I was getting ready for a Sunday of riding. To be clear, I was a total tenderfoot and motorcycle safety was something that worried me. But what I worried about was crashing into someone who wasn’t watching ME. Forget about me watching […]

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