American Motorcycle Gangs — The Warlocks

The Warlocks of Orlando

The Warlocks is  part three of our series on the most notorious motorcycle gangs in the USA. You can find part 1: The Bandidos  and part 2: The Mongols.

The warlocks sprang up from a group of sailors who had served on the USS Shangri-la. The Shangri-la was an aircraft carrier. The group’s found is known as Grub. He started the group in the late 60’s In Orlando, Fl. The group has grown to include several chapters in Florida. They also have chapters in Georgia, West Virginia, Virginia and South Carolina.   They have a smaller footprint in New York, and Minnesota.

The original group of sailors that served on the Shangri-la were devout Harley Davidson fans. They had planned for each of the group to form their own chapter of the Warlocks in their respective home towns. Only one of the group actually followed through with the plan.

The Warlocks have international chapters in Germany, England and Canada.

warlocks insignia

The Warlocks’ insignia is red, gold and orange and has a Phoenix image along with the words “Warlocks Forever”

The club has been known to kill police officers thoughtlessly. They are tied to illegal drugs, especially crystal meth. Once of their members was caught and arrested with 10 pounds of crystal meth. The same year he was caught four other members were charged will selling crank.

Pennsylvania and Florida are the areas where the Warlocks are most active in illegal activities. Along with drug, they have a history of firearms violations.

Along with policemen the Warlocks have a history of violence again other motorcycle gangs and clubs.

The ATF sent and undercover officer to infiltrate the club in 1991 and again in 2003. The operations resulted in several club member’s arrest and prosecution. On the club’s website page named the lockdown there are pictures of members who are currently in jail.

At the bottom of the page are the initials F.T.A.T.F. You can use your imagination to decode it’s meaning.

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