Great Rides – Marble Canyon – North Rim

Marble Canyon — The Starting Point

I’m a big fan of Arizona. Especially northern Arizona. The views are spectacular and fun to ride. We will begin this ride in Marble Canyon. Marble Canyon is along 89A if you come from Flagstaff. After you cross the Colorado river you’ll be in Marble Canyon.

There are couple places to stay in Marble Canyon They’re right on the highway so you can’t miss them. I’ve stayed at the Marble Canyon Lodge a couple times and it’s a great place to get a night’s sleep. The food there and at the other Motel, the Cliff Dweller’s Lodge is good. There’s not much else to do except enjoy the views.

Lee’s Ferry is just a short ride from Marble Canyon. Most river trips through the Grand Canyon start at Lees Ferry. Since there isn’t much to do, it’s worth the short ride there just to see the river close up.

The Ride

The ride to the North Rim village takes a little more than 2 hours. Of course, that depends on how many times you stop to admire the views. The first part of the drive is fairly straight but the views of the Vermilion Cliffs to the north are beautiful. I’ve never encountered much traffic. Just enjoy the view.

Look for the intersection of House Rock road. Past it, things begin to change rapidly. The road twists as you begin to climb. The vegetation begins to change as you leave the desert to higher altitudes. My first views of Ponderosa Pines were along this ride.

From this point until you reach Jacob Lake you’ll be in forests. The road is curvy but not too challenging.

At Jacob Lake take 67 South. Remember this road is closed in the winter. Plan accordingly.

Jacob Lake to North Rim Village

Hwy 67 ends at the North Rim Village. From the Village there are a lot of rides to different lookouts over the Grand Canyon. You won’t find as many people as there are at the South Rim.

Take as long as you like riding in the area. Don’t plan on staying unless you have a reservation. I tried. If you do plan to stay, make plans and reservations well in advance.

This trip ranks as one of my all-time favorites. Let me know what you Think.

Video — Marble Canyon to North Rim of Grand Canyon

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