Yamaha V-Star 650 Custom

Yamaha V-Star 650

Yamaha V-Star 650 Beauty and Value

I’ve loved Yamaha Motor Sport’s products since the mid 70’s. My first 4 cycle bike was a Yamaha TX500 twin. It was considered a mid-sized bike and it was a little on the small size for me. A friend of mine drove a XS650. The size of the 650 better suited me but an hour on the road with the 650 was about all I could take. The TX500 was much smoother but just a tad too small. Enter the Yamaha V-Star 650 Custom

Fast forward a few years. Well maybe more than a few. I’ve been considering a less expensive but full sized bike for shorter trips and just for fun. Enter the V-Star 650. The V-Star 650 for 2016 is Yamaha’s lightest full sized V-Star.

The V-Star 650 just fits the bill. It’s a hell of a buy at just a shade under 7 grand.

The Ride

Smooth and comfortable. Pretty much sums it up. But, because it’s light weight and low center of gravity handling is quite nimble. The low seat height is just right for me, both feet firmly on the ground. I felt comfortable within minutes.

Yamaha V-Star 650 3

Yamaha V-Star 650 4


The 649cc v-twin engine has enough torque and horsepower to get up to speed fast enough.  It’s a real delight to drive. Gas economy is a respectable 49 mpg. The torque is respectable in all gears.

The Look and Bottom Line

Dual Exhaust, lots of chrome give the v-star a classic if not retro cruiser look. All in all, while it may not be the best looking cruiser on the road, it’s very easy on the eyes. The 2016 model comes in one color. White. Ok, that doesn’t exactly sound very exciting. But take a look at the accompanying pictures. The whole package grows on you fast. Real fast.

Bottom line, the V-Star 650 is a good looking bike. It’s performance and handling make it the full package. And it comes in at under $7,000.00. A lot of bang for the buck. To top it all off, considering Yamaha’s reliability, you really can’t go wrong.

Yamaha V-Star 650 Custom Video

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