The Near Perfect Biker Vacation

The Turtle’s Biker Vacation

The older I get the more I appreciate vacations. I’ve set a goal of visiting every state in the union on my bike, or at least “a” bike. Let’s face it, riding a bike from central Florida to Sturgis gets tougher and tougher each year. It’s a long ride no matter how you slice it. A biker vacation doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.  Perfect biker vacations are doable. Let’s face it. Nothing is perfect. But this is close
I don’t mind telling you that I also miss the comforts of my home and I don’t really like staying in hotels or motels. Usually because they aren’t located where I want to stay.
So What’s the solution? That’s the easy part. There are literally dozens of strategies for a biker vacation that don’t require 12 hours in the saddle. I know, I know. I’m getting slow. Like a turtle. So I’m thinking I’ll imitate a turtle and take my home along with me. Well not exactly, but you get the idea. Another word for my solution is a toy hauler. A very nice toy hauler.
This is a great solution to my dilemma. It may not be perfect but it sure as hell beats 3 days of riding 12 hours a day and dodging the weather. Not to mention you can stop any time you want and take a ride of the 2 wheeled variety. Look at the floor plan below to see why. Notice the garage in the back for the bikes and the deck for kicking back or a staging area.
And I don’t mind telling you that it’s not bad looking. Take a look at these pictures of the interior. There are other color themes available too if you want. A biker vacation with style.
I’ll let you know how it works out in a future post. For now, Cheers!

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