Ghost Town Ride — Jerome Arizona

In Arizona between Prescott and Sedona on scenic highway state road 89A is one of my favorite destinations,  Jerome. Jerome is on the side of a hill at an elevation of  5,200 feet. The hillside location gives it spectacular views of Verde Valley. Jerome is a ghost town. But these days there aren’t that many ghosts around. It’s a place to spend the afternoon or night or a few days enjoying the views and rides. 

Ghost Town

Jerome was founded in 1876 and incorporated in 1899. At one time it was the fourth largest city in Arizona. Because it sits on what was the largest copper mine in Arizona. At it’s peak there was a population of 15,000. Through the 20’s and 30’s Jerome thrived because of copper demand. The demand for copper continued through WWII but at the war’s end demand fell off. The owners of the mine, Phelps Dodge, closed the mine in 1953. Without the employment from the copper mine the population dropped to between 50 and 100, a mere ghost of its former self. In 1967 Jerome was designated a national historic district. The city’s towns people promoted it as a Ghost Town.

Jerome’s Attraction to Motorcyclists

One of the best things about Jerome, is just getting there. Whether you are coming from Sedona or Prescott the drive along 89A is just pure fun with awesome views. The ups and downs and the twisting around the hills along the way make the ride one of the most enjoyable I’ve ever experienced. There’s enough to do keep you busy for a few days.

Jerome’s Bars and Night Life

The Ride On Video

Jerome Arizona And Surrounding Area


The Ghost Town, Jerome, is a special place with incredible views. The roads, rides, and things to do around this jewel are worth the trip. Trust me. 
If you have a favorite Bike Ride or Destination — Share! Leave a comment below. Most of all, Enjoy!

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