Motorcycle Ride Zion (Part 3)

Motorcycle Ride Zion is Part 3 of our series of great motorcycle rides from our base at Kanab, Utah is from Kanab to Zion National Park. See my post Great Motorcycle Rides – Kanab, Utah to see why we made Kanab the base. You don’t have to make Kanab your base. Each of these great parks have lodges and plenty of places to stay in and around the Parks. But this ride starts in Kanab.

Motorcycle Ride Zion

From Kanab, head north on 89 toward Mt Carmel Junction. As soon as you leave Kanab the scenery is just like out of the movies. It is, in fact. A lot of old Westerns were made in and around Kanab. On the way to Mt. Carmel Junction there is a side trip to think about. It’s about 30 miles round trip from 89. The Place is Vermillion Dunes State Park. The dunes, true to their name are vermillion in color. Although the ride isn’t that exciting, I found it worth the trip.

At Mt Carmel Junction turn west on Hwy 9 toward Zion NP. From this point to the park the views are much like 89 north of Kanab. The magic starts when you enter the park itself. This some on the most breathtakingly beautiful views you will see in your life.

The ride isn’t too shabby itself. Lots of turns and elevation changes with something new to look at around every turn.  This is prime photography country. Of course, if you’re not into taking pictures, there are plenty to buy.

Once you make it to The Floor of the Valley Road, you’ll be ready the easy and a bit straighter road. Head north as far as you can go to see magnificent views. Be sure to stop at the visitor’s center.

Motorcycle Ride Zion – Return to Kanab

For me, the best way back is to retrace your route coming in. the Ride On Hwy 9 is worth a do over. And since the return will be mostly eastward the sun will be at your back and the views will look different.

The other way back is to keep heading west on why 9 to Hurricane and then take 59/389 to Fredonia. From Fredonia to Kanab. This route is also a nice ride. It’s just not quite as nice as retracing your steps from Zion back to Kanab. There are plenty of places to eat along the way no matter which route you take.

Our Friends Do Motorcycle Ride Zion on Video

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