Dawn Riders Rolling with Their Indian Motorcycles in Chandigarh

IMRG which stands for Indian Motorcycle Riders Group is a newly formed organization founded in India have decided to launch their first ever biker rally in Chandigarh on Sunday. The group of bikers are composed of mostly men between the age of 25 – 40 and they all own Indian Motorcycles which is distributed by Polaris Industries. These passionate bikers who prowled on the streets of Chandigarh met the one of the showrooms of Indian Motorcycles in Chandigarh where they planned to get their breakfast after an hour ride through Chandigarh, Mullanpur – Kurali – Ropar – Kiratpur – Anandpur Sahib- Nangal.

indian motorcycles

The group of passionate bikers rolled out from Chandigarh to Nangal on almost 110 kms of road before stopping at a local diner to enjoy their much deserved zesty breakfast. This is just one of the many planned IMRG events according to the group and there will be more as they hope to encourage more riders both young and old to join their ranks and make a statement as well as make a difference in their country. They certainly made something out of their Indian Motorcycles as now it has become more than just a toy or an investment, but a symbol for unity.

Just a few weeks ago a similar even took place and it was the Harley Owners Group (HOG) that held a massive bike rally in Goa, India. Although the two groups differ in their choice of motorcycle brands (as the IMRG lavishes Indian Motorcycles), they may come together for a cause (i.e. blood letting, love drive, feeding program etc.). This will be a good sign as they’ll be inspiring a lot of people not only to learn to love motorcycles, but also to learn about brotherhood, camaraderie and love for their community.

indian motorcycles

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