Gatlinburg Bike Trip Part Two

Gatlinburg Bike Trip: Where to Stay

If you ride your motorcycle to Gatlinburg, where you stay, at least in my mind, is more restrictive. Why? As I said earlier, I like to go out for dinner AND I like to have a few drinks. Of course you could stay in a cabin and get groceries and cook out. There’s nothing wrong with that. But if you’re not into cooking and all the work that goes along with it, I got you covered. You don’t have to make your Gatlinburg bike trip entirely about biking.

The Clarion or just across the street, the Days Inn are within walking distance from some of the best restaurants in Gatlinburg. Not to mention the Smoky Mountain Brewery. You can eat and drink all you want then walk to the hotel. I don’t drink and ride. I’m not here to preach but I think anyone who drinks and then gets on a motorcycle is nuts.

There are several other hotels/motels in the vicinity that are walking distance but a little bit further. And there are a lot of nice places to eat as well as party the night away if you are so inclined.

If You Trailer The Bikes

The options are virtually unlimited. Not to mention the bikes will be a little safer than in a hotel parking lot. My preference for years has been the Chalet Village up Ski Mountain Road. Some of the cabins are showing their age but there are still some very nice places. You can find Chalets and Cabins for almost as many people as you can bring.

There are dozens of “log cabin” rentals for short term scattered all around Gatlinburg and the surrounding areas. There are also townhouses and condominiums with spectacular views. There is something for every one’s taste and budget.

I recommend getting on the internet a scouting out what’s available. Make reservations early. As with any tourist destination, the best places fill up fast.

There is a small river or creed that runs through Gatlinburg and there are hotels and rentals on both sides. Some of these are quite nice and relaxing with decks overlooking the water.

Where ever you stay, you can’t go too far wrong. Just do your due diligence. With just a little extra time spent researching you may find that place that brings you back time and time again. Make your Gatlinburg bike trip one to remember

But this is a biking vacation? Yep, it is. Unless you like to just ride and throw your sleeping back down when you get tired, a little planning goes a long way.

In part 3 we’ll get to the riding.

Other Than Riding… What To Do

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