Two Newly Launched Indian Motorcycles from Polaris Industries Sport Victory Styling

A positive news came about Polaris Industries recently and instead of announcing the usual vehicle recalls, they showcased two new Indian motorcycles! What’s surprising about these new models is that they feature some of the styling from the company’s retired brand – Victory.

indian motorcycles

Apparently the familiar aspects of their Victory motorcycles is still very much alive in its newer Indian motorcycles. It’s not wise to discard years of experience from previous designs considering Victory was a success also.

They came in Like a Couple of Bosses

Polaris has shown the motorcycle industry that it’s moving full steam ahead on building up the nameplate with their two new premium baggers. The Indian Chieftain Limited and Chieftain Elite raises the number of their motorcycle models to 12 for 2017, and it looks like they might introduce more in the coming months.

These new Indian motorcycles are fitted with the gargantuan Thunder Stroke 111-cubic-inch engines. It also has Polaris’ unique “infotainment” and navigation systems along with the chrome steel refinements. These new bikes sport the new 19-inch contrast-cut cast-aluminum wheels that has replaced the former favorite spoke wheels of Victory motorcycles. The classic “valance” front fenders too have been replaced with a sawed-off open style fenders and they’ve added a load of fancy graphics all over the bike’s body.

indian motorcycles

“We have not Abandon the Tradition”

Polaris admitted though that they have not totally abandon the Indian look when they decided to retire their Victory brand. As an example, it kept the distinctive bottom flared contour of the front fender of the new Indian motorcycles. The two bikes, more or less, are an amalgamation of the old designs with modern updates; more so than we’d like to admit. Both bikes also sports power-adjustable windshields, remote-locking saddlebags and keyless ignition aside from the already impressive infotainment system with Bluetooth capabilities.

Polaris Industries also designed the Chieftain as a challenger to Harley-Davidson’s market dominance which should make a couple of executives lose some sleep.

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