Gatlinburg Motorcycle Trip

Gatlinburg Biking Vacation Part One

As I write this the 4th of July weekend is but a day away. I grew up near the beaches of Northwest Florida. The Redneck Riviera. And the 4th is my favorite holiday of the year. You might think that my home town would be where I spent the 4th. Well I did, mostly. There is a lot to do to celebrate the 4th around Panama City. Most people thought I was crazy when I told them I was heading to Gatlinburg. Why would you go to the mountains when you have perfectly good beaches, boating, fishing… you name it. All right in your own back yard.

It’s hard to argue the point. But I like the mountains. I like winding roads with new and different views around each approaching corner. I’ve been like that since the first time I visited the Blue Ridge Parkway as a kid with my grandparents. And I like to take the bike along with me. There are 4 of us with the same inclination. So, Gatlinburg, we’re on the way.

Why Gatlinburg?

There are a lot of nice places to visit in the Smokey Mountains. Lots of small towns to base out of. It was in the early 70’s the first time I went to the Smokies as an adult. It was a magical place for me. So, Although I don’t make it every year, I try to get that way every other year. I’ve spent several Christmases there. My son’s first White Christmas was spent in a “Chateau” in Chateau Village. So, Gatlinburg is my special place.

Getting to Gatlinburg

Those of you who know me also know that I like the creature comforts. I’m not a hard core rider. And I like to spend the evenings dining and drinking. So, we trailer the bikes. Well we trailer them most of the way. The girls like to ride but are perfectly happy to be in the car while the guys are riding along.

It’s a full day’s drive from PC to Gatlinburg. I like to take the longer route up 441 right through the Smokey Mountain National Park. It’s the perfect way to “set the mood” for the trip. The section of 441 through the park is one of the most beautiful drives either in a car or on a bike. I likes it J.

Next we’ll take some time and talk about where to stay.

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