Great Motorcycle Rides – Kanab Adventure

This is the last article in the series The Best Motorcycle Rides – Kanab, Utah. In this series I’ve talked about using Kanab, Utah as a base for day tripping to The Grand Canyon-North Rim, Zion National Park, and Bryce Canyon.

All of those day trips are highly recommended. If you are a biker that likes to see the best of the US of A then you cannot find a better destination that Kanab. On my Kanab adventure it was easy to see that there is much, much more to see than the national parks I’ve already mentioned.

Kanab Adventure –  The End or Just the Beginning

Hwy 89 West toward Page Arizona opens an entire new chapter of discovery. The word famous Antelope Canyon is near Page. As well as the Glenn Canyon Dam. Continuing along Hwy 89 will eventually bring you bring you back to 89A near Marble Canyon. The bridge at Marble Canyon is the last bridge to cross the Colorado River before entering the Grand Canyon National Park. The next bridge that crosses the river is the bridge at Phantom Ranch between The North Rim and the South Rim.  It isn’t accessible by road.

89A will eventually bring you to Jacob Lake, just north of the North Ridge road and then on to Fredonia, which is just south of Kanab. To me this loop out and back is just as enjoyable as the national park trips. You’ll ride through several climates and see some amazing countryside.

North of Kanab

Cedar Breaks National Monument is north of Kanab and is also worth a ride. Bring warm clothes. It’s high and cold. When I was there snow was still on the ground in late June. Great views and up and down winding roads. Further north is Capitol Reef National Park. I’ve never been but it’s on my list.

East of Capitol Reef is Canyonlands and Arches. You could stay in the area for months and ride happy.

For now, we’ll bring the Kanab Adventure to a close. I realize that reading this series doesn’t really do justice to how beautiful Kanab and the surrounding area is. If you haven’t been there, you really should make an effort to go.

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